Based on our customer-centric philosophy, Damoa Cosmetic is dedicated to delivering high satisfaction in the B2C sector. We are proactive in responding to customer needs, offering a diverse product lineup and differentiated services to enhance customer satisfaction. Our commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations has positioned us as a leading entity in the K-Wellness market.


With many years of experience,
we have extensive knowledge and understanding, and we can help you grow your brand quickly by selling your products effectively

Customer Management System

We have expertise in providing customized services based on CRM and maintaining/improving ongoing relationships with customers, increasing brand visibility and access to existing markets.

Selected as the best seller in sales

Selected as one of the leading sellers in the channel
and continues to grow at an average rate of 3-5%.

Commintment to Quality

Partners' products are the property of Damoa. We implement thorough quality control to ensure that all products are delivered to our customers safely.